About Us


We aim to inspire.  We want to connect you with the world around you, connect you with the things in life that make your heart beat fast, and connect you with others who live life passionately and with purpose.

 This community is a gathering of people willing to step outside of their day-to-day, and to share with others the beauty they find.  In doing this, we as a whole are creating a ripple effect…one that will change the way we view others, change the way we view each moment, and hopefully inspire all who hear of this community to pass the message on by living to the fullest.  

We want to be a place of gathering where you can read stories of people who took that chance, become of an ambassador of change so your story can be heard, and taking it even further by taking a peek at our shop and finding out how your purchase can change lives.  

When you leave this site, we want you to go out and live.  Live beyond what you think your capabilities will allow, live a life as big of the life you have dreamt, and share your stories so others can live that way too.  


Our Story

Thrive Culture was always in the back of our mind.  It has always been the seed of an idea waiting to bloom.  We wanted a business, and more than that, we wanted a community.  By combing the two we believe that all of us, are playing a part in inspiring those who visit Thrive Culture to leave inspired.  So that is what we are; a community and a business.  

Our business is sunglasses, top of the line, polarized glasses meant for daily wear or adventure wear.  We found the most durable materials, with protective lenses and made them at a lower price than can be found anywhere for the same designer quality.  

Most importantly to us, according to our tagline, “We Aim to Inspire”.  To continue that vision in every facet of Thrive Culture, when you purchase a pair or Thrive sunglasses you will have the option at checkout of a variety of inspirational charities that a part of your purchase will be donated to.  

Every charity was hand picked for it’s qualities of hope, of love, and of inspiration.  You are playing a part in inspiring others to be able to live the life every child, every animal, and every family deserves.  

We are a community also.  We will feature stories of people who embody everything that we believe in and inspire others to live the same way.  We want to be a gathering place where everyone feels comfortable to ask questions, to leave inspired, and to find the answers they need to the question of “how do I start?”.  

If you feel like you have a story for us to share, head over to our contact page.