Conor McCann

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Conor McCann

Connor McCann


What is your passion(s)?

My passion is creating art that inspires people to get out and explore, or travel or do something they’ve never done before. The idea that I’m making something that could continue to do that long after I’m gone is a pretty big driving force. Role models of mine in this regard are Ansel Adams and Chris Burkard.

How did you get started?

I bought my first camera after picking up an injury playing sports. I was looking for something to fill the free time I now had. At first it was nothing more than just a fun thing to do while out hiking with my friends or taking photos while on trips. I then began to consider how I could make some money with my camera, so that in a sense it could pay for itself. I began to film weddings. In my first year I only did one which was for free, hoping that would get my name out there. Over the next few months I began to get a few requests, and within two years I became fully self-employed shooting weddings. By the time that I had finished university and had a bit more financial freedom so I began to pursue my passion of travel & adventure photo/video. I travelled extensively whenever I could to build a portfolio. Over the course of the year I’ve developed a style and a vision of what I wanted my work to be, and I continue to pursue and grow that vision now.

If you could sit down with one person, living or dead, and ask them one question, who would it be and what would you ask them?

I feel like the answer to this changes frequently for me. At the moment, probably Elon Musk. I would ask him “What are your best strategies for making positive changes in the world?”

Imagine you are now 90 years old. You have accomplished all of your goals – experienced everything you wanted to experience. Looking back at your life and all that you’ve achieved; what are you most proud of?

I would be most proud of the legacy I would leave behind, and that hopefully people would aspire to leave a legacy like that themselves. Continue the chain that drives so many people to do good.

Look at your daily life…if you were to not change a thing, and do the same thing you’ve been doing for the next 5-10 years, would you become the person you want to become?  If not, what would you have to do differently to build the habits necessary to become that person?

In the last few weeks I’ve picked up a lot of good habits that are become routine. So if I was to keep this up I definitely think I would become that person. That’s actually a question I ask me every morning when I take 10-15 minutes to meditate, “Who is the person I want to become?” and throughout the day I strive to be that person.

If money were no object, what would you spend your life doing?

I would probably start something akin to Space X. Although I may not be a genius who knows anything about rocket science I would dump every penny into research and hiring people who do know a thing or two. I’ve been obsessed with space and space exploration since I was young, and I hope I’m around to see the human race go to other planets and thrive.

Over the last six months, when have you felt most alive and electrified? What were you doing?

It’s definitely those moments where I’m in a place I’ve dreamed about going for ages, watching the sun set or rise, and I’m just absolutely buzzing. Sometimes I just have to run around or yell cause I just can’t keep it in haha.

If you had 30 seconds on a radio that would be broadcasted to the entire world, what one important message would you put out, and why?

Probably something super simple, hoping that some people might actually follow through. I would tell everyone to be loving and kind, to smile at someone or do a favour for someone. I think even these small things can have a big impact, and even if they don’t everyone being a bit more kind, even temporarily is a good thing in my books.

What does it mean to you to Thrive?

To thrive, thats a good one. I think thriving to me is when you’re growing. Whether that be in work, studies or relationships. If you’re growing in all these areas, you’re becoming better, and…thriving.

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